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Max Konate

French Language

Translator, Interpreter & Cultural Advisor

Also fluent in Bambara - Mandingo - Dioula - Moore

About Me

With more than 17 years of experience in translation, interpreting, and cultural training, I specialize in facilitating seamless communication between speakers of English, French, and various West African dialects both in the U.S and internationally.

Growing up in Burkina Faso, a culturally and linguistically diverse West African nation, I was exposed to a diverse array of languages and traditions from an early age. This upbringing ignited my passion for languages and a deep appreciation for the intricate nuances that define human communication.

As a result, I’m on a mission to use the profound power of language to remove cultural, socio-economic and linguistic barriers.



My translation services include books, business documents, as well as legal, marketing and training materials.


I facilitate communication between English and French speakers by conveying meaning from one language to the other in diverse settings.

Cultural Training

I leverage my knowledge of the cultural, historical and geopolitical landscape of Francophone Africa to help businesses integrate the markets in that region.


I analyze content of audio recordings in Mandingo and then translated them into English, while maitaining cultural relevance.

1 on 1 Conversational French

I can tailor one on one sessions to help you develop or sharpen your conversational skills in French.

My Experience includes working with

United States

Burkina Faso

  • Government language contractors
  • School systems
  • Hospital Systems
  • Law Firms
  • Language Translation companies
  • Fin-tech companies
  • Language Translation companies
  • Wireless Telecommunication Companies

I have also facilitated training In French and English for students from various backgrounds and countries including Costa Rica, Senegal, Kenya, Madagascar,

India, and the Philippines.



+1 (832) 475 - 7090

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